The Life And Times Of Barry Allen EP

by Masai

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Christopher Scully I know it's early yet, but I'm calling it. LATOBA is the best EP of 2017. Honest art that bangs like flash grenade, Masai turned his personal grief into undeniably relatable anthems of introspection, emotional anguish, and aspirations for making tomorrow better than today.
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    All music sampled from The Flash television series.
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"The Life and Times of Barry Allen" is a short EP chronicling my life during the past few months. I ripped and sampled all the music from The Flash TV show—along with the dialogue comprising the interludes and skits. Then I created some Flash-themed cover art. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I've admittedly been taking a lot of meds, so who knows?

Ultimately this project is an exercise in self care. If you're not familiar with my life, or Barry Allen's, you can still bop your head to the music.

I've made arrangements to donate any and all proceeds from #LATOBA to Black women artists in the Capital District. But, like all of my music, you can also stream it for free.

Special thanks to Mike Arson on percussion and JB!! for mastering.



released February 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Masai Albany, New York

Masai is an MC and writer from Upstate New York.

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Track Name: Take A Moment (Intro)
Harrison: "I want you to take a moment and think about all the things that define your life. All the people you love. Your job. Your co-workers. Your home. And now imagine if one day in a flash all of that vanished. Do you simply accept your new life, continue on or would you do whatever it takes to get back what was taken from you?"
Track Name: Reset The Timeline
[Verse 1] 
I'm in the fast lane, traveling down a fast road (Shit)// 
I'm only one bar in and I made a Flash joke// 
But seriously I need to just slow it down- 
Cuz life is a Wonder Woman and she hit me with the lasso// 
So "Vibe" with me I'll keep it quick when I dash hopes// 
I tried to run but it's no out running the past though// 
They wanted blood so yeah I gave em what they asked for// 
Cuz I was on the edge and was at the end of my last rope// 
I'm lighting in a bottle, possibly the last bolt// 
It's funny how I'm saving everybody but can't cope// 
Can't pro-tect the very people that's my kinfolk// 
Been so, focused on this work I let my sins go// 
Unchecked guess this shit go deeper than my skin though// 
Guess it's intersections that was breezing out the window// 
And now it's in the open ain't no reasons to pretend for// 
But I don't even know where to begin though, but let's go// 

My homies asked me like "Why ain't you just defend yourself?// 
We seen what happened we was there when shit was going down// 
And anyway you could talk your way out of anything"// 
I told em that's the problem I just need to find a better route// 

[Verse 2] 
That's why I gave em the cross and I helped em nail me to it// 
I live for self harm honestly I was glad to do it// 
I even took the story doused it with a can of fluid- 
Helped em light the match and left everything that I had in ruins// 
And that ain't sacrificial fuck it's actually business// 
I owed it to her paid it back and I tripled the interest// 
A pound a flesh I found a reflection as God is my witness// 
No it wasn't justice but it’s part of my plan of forgiveness// 
It ain't my battle to win - in fact I hope I lose it// 
I'm here to battle cops that murder kids and throw excuses// 
Not here to try and explain away all my known abuses// 
Check my track record I left the proof in my older music// 
It’s three sides to every story that’s true and it isn’t// 
But that don’t mean it’s one truth and it's two of the fiction// 
it means the only truth that matters is who’s in position- 
socially to end up losing out to the rules of oppression // 
so gather round everybody cause school is in session// 
taking a fucking seat cuz I can see who could use a good lesson// 
It’s never been about illusions of proving perfection// 
but making up for indiscretions (Stay with me now)// 
I gave my fucking heart to my city// 
My blood sweat and tears and my art to my city// 
so I think it’s poetic that before I'm cast out- 
that the last thing I do is fall apart for my city, cuz look// 
I said i'm not a leader nor savior// 
and you don't get a fucking say in what I might do// 
So go ahead and criticize my behavior// 
the whole time you prob'ly recognizing that I'm like you// 

[Refrain x2] 
I said i'm not a leader nor savior// 
and you don't get a say in what I might do// 
So go and criticize my behavior// 
the whole time recognizing that I'm like you// 

[Outro x4] 
Now let that marinate like a fine wine// 
right before I speed back and reset the time line//
Track Name: Failure (Interlude)
Joe: "What up, Barry?"

Barry: "Zoom destroyed me. He showed everyone in Central City what he could do and that I'm powerless to stop him. They gave me a key to the city, Joe. I'm supposed to be their hero. I'm supposed to be the guy who can protect them from something as evil as that, and I failed. In front of all of them! When they think of The Flash, all they see now is someone not strong enough to protect them."
Track Name: Light Speed
[Verse 1] 
I've been erasing more texts than I been sending lately// 
I write em out but don't hit send cuz all my friends could hate me// 
They say I'm paranoid - I say it's no debating// 
But you don't wanna tempt the shit that I been contemplating// 
Darker than I've ever been, and I ain't talking melanin// 
Incarcerated thoughts from when they threw me in this cell I'm in// 
Weeks pass - months pass and ain't no new developments// 
They claimed to be against it but that proved to be irrelevant, right?// 
So I guess I didn't matter after all// 
My Black life was like the black light that's on the wall// 
Illuminate the things nobody see but when i fall// 
They let me shatter to a million jagged pieces on the floor (It's like that)// 
And can't nobody put me back together// 
Somebody tried to do it but trust me I couldn't let her// 
Cuz every time she touch I'm like razors to the flesh// 
And now she seeing that it's barely nothing left (I'm not the nigga I was)// 

[Chorus x2] 
What happens in the darkness comes to light// 
It's funny how we think that we could hide it// 
and even when you think you're doing right// 
there's a part of you that's hoping they will find it// 

[Verse 2] 
I'm doing things now, I know I'll regret in the future// 
I tell myself to "persevere and don't let them reduce ya"// 
But I ain't got no fight left—// 
So when I take my last breath I'll look back and turn to stone like I messed with Medusa// 
I'm young Perseus stuck inside of this tragedy// 
forgot that I was mortal they stripped away my humanity// 
and took my dedication and misconstrued for vanity// 
how can it be, they justify abuse cuz they was mad it me// 
Sure, the same people I would die for// 
They told me "Go ahead and do it; maybe you should try boy// 
Maybe you should lie for, the ones that had faith in you// 
Cuz if you tell the truth the only person that you save is you"// 
and plus you ain't shit for all the things you put your lady through"// 
I figured they was right and all that guilt was inescapable// 
plus I was so replaceable, like every Black man that came before me//
so I followed every order I promised to keep the story but// 

[Outro x2] 
You ever try to move past something, that you ain't past loving// 
So everything reminds you, of when you had something// 
I thought i'd be the man that she could learn to put her trust in// 
And be the type of father that my dad wasn't//
Track Name: Move On (Interlude)
Joe: "You want me to tell you that it wasn't your fault? I can't. It was. Guess what? You weren't the only person making decisions that day. All of the rest of us were there too. So stop with this hogging all the blame and regret. We gotta live with it. Move on.

Barry: "What do I do now?"

Joe: "Well, I know that you've been rebuilding Central City at night. It's just bricks and paint. Maybe you should start trying to rebuild... things that really matter."
Track Name: Mask Off
[Verse 1] 
I'm broke in too many pieces you can't fix me playa// 
I blame myself just as much as I blame the instigators// 
Hard core anticipators waiting on they come up// 
While they praying for my down fall so they could catch the one up// (sound effect) 
You live by the pen I guess you die by the pen// 
Plus I'm black so I'm a devil in disguise they pretend// 
And they can mix the truth with all the lies they invent// 
To paint a picture hopping niggas will despise me again// 
But I guess it all depends on who you fuck with on the daily// 
I Shoulda kept my circle exclusive for only family// 
I'd rather they just told me the truth if they couldn't stand me// 
But Instead they took advantage and tried to kill me with CAAMI// 
A trio hypocrites, guess they was all talk// 
Cuz second they got caught was the second they all walked// 
Neverlutionaries with zero redeeming qualities// 
Too proud to fail and too phony to make apologies, but...// 

(What up?) I guess we all got a mask on// 
So go ahead , go ahead and take ya mask off// 
I see the secret you was keeping from me so long// 
So go ahead, go ahead and take your mask off// 
Slow down there, slow down there 
Slow down there, slow down there (I said) 
Slow down there , slow down there 
Slow down there, and go ahead and take your mask off// 

[Verse 2] 
I lost everything but gained a little insight// 
Always been suspicious, just confirming that I been right// 
I'd rather take the L now, than later in the future// 
When the stakes is much higher and the trust is much looser// 
And watch out for the white girl, I guess she on the low now// 
Don't matter if you shaved you're fucking head and switch your pronoun// 
Cuz everybody know now - wolf in a sheep's jacket// 
And your anti-Blackness been showing, unpack it// 
And dammmmn Daniel, back it again// 
I seen them emails with black women going in// 
They was telling you the truth but you was hiding even then// 
So I guess your black pride it don't go deeper then your skin (Nah)// 
The ring leader disappointed me the most// 
Cuz instead of owning up, she was the first one to ghost// 
And I lost all respect the day I looked you in the eye// 
As I'm pleading to save a life but you decided she could die, but it's fine// 


[Verse 3] 
I'm Barry Allen in the flesh I seen my momma die// 
I made mistakes along the way while I was traumatized// 
Now everybody's on Masai like I committed homicide// 
Maybe put the shit in perspective before you dramatize// 
I lost faith in the city that's why I'm leaving now// 
They lost faith in me too so I guess we even now// 
I could take a breather now, it's crazy how it changes you// 
To be disposed of like you nothing when they forsaken you// 
So slow down, go ahead and take ya mask off- 
And let whole world see (I see you)// 
Cuz you could fool everybody else with all them two face looks (But guess what?)// 
But nah it won't be me (That's why I say it like...)// 

Track Name: Broken (Outro)
Barry: "Why does it feel like I just lost?"

Iris: "Because you've lost a lot in your life, Barry. More than most. But... maybe you and me, seeing where this thing goes, maybe that can give you something for a change."

Barry: "That's all I've ever wanted to hear you say. And I wish that I was in a place where I could try that with you. But I feel so hollowed out inside right now. I feel more broken than I've ever felt in my life. If I'm ever gonna be worth anything to you, I need to fix what's wrong with me. I need to find some... some peace."

Iris: "Barry, listen to me. You waited for me for years. You let me get to a place where this was possible. So I am telling you I am gonna do the same thing for you. Wherever you need to go, whatever you need to do, do it. And when you get back, I'll be here."

Barry: "Okay."

Iris: "I love you, Barry."
Track Name: [Bonus] The Background
[Verse 1]
Weight of the world on my shoulders let me know when it's over//
It's like i just can't catch a break, let alone my composure//
no longer get that satisfaction from saying I told ya//
and nowadays I need a drink just to feel like I'm sober//
I'm overcompensating, guess i had to be trusted//
Thats why I spread myself thin like the last of the mustard//
and I can't catch up if I wanted to, mainly cause I'd never ask for help//
and I don't deserve it I promise you//
I should remember to forget things-//
and let things go, and maybe even miss things... more//
but lately I got so much on my mind that I don't even take stock//
So I don't know what's in store//
It's like it's easier to lose track//
Than focus on one love cuz when you I lose that//
You end up back at square one and I could prove that//
I been there, I seen it, and I ain't try'na move back naw//

[Chorus x2]
Lately I got so much on my mind, that I just wanna turn things down//
I swear that I could hear it all the time, it's like it's playing in the background//

[Verse 2]
Say what, I just say what's on my mind//
I don't do it when I speak but I say it when I rhyme//
And lately I ain't had the motivation nor the time//
To put my pen to the page, my passion to the stage//
So I bottle my emotions like they trapped inside a cage//
That's ironic cuz I'm known to empty bottles around my way, but ah//
All jokes aside// I'm just trying to plant seeds so my folks could thrive//
Yeah we just try'na let it breath and keep hope alive//
But still they looking at us homie like they so surprised (It's on us)//
Yeah I'm just try'na lift my people up//
I know I got a lot of mouth and I don't keep it shut//
I know I got a lot of clout but if I keep up//
I prolly end up losing sleep and trust me I don't sleep enough already//
And I'm not Trumastr no lie//
Ain't got the social skills and I ain't got the bow tie//
I did it my way that's how I live my whole life
Ain't saying its the best way but fuck it I could get by//
But still got problems of my own
While I try to fix the problems of the world with just my phone//
And the words that I select to shift the views and switch the tone
I want folks to feel uncomfortable even when they at home (Real talk)//
And last week they called us savages//
It fucked me up cuz even I forget how bad it is//
And ain't a way to change the shit with Instagrams and statuses
No retweets could dismantle the whole establishment nah//
But still you know what they say//
Never put off 'til tomorrow what we could handle today//
And it ain't selfish if you take care of yo self on the way//
In fact some body told me that was revolution-e-ray//
So drink water//
that's not a bar, I just.. don't want you dehydrated//
It happens to us often//
I'm lost inside my thoughts I'm Nosferatu in that coffin//
Feeling dead to the world I swear that living is exhausting//
And this is for all the people proud to kick it on they porches//
Not ashamed to be who they is even in front they bosses//
You think you passing time, but I promise y'all passing torches-//
and knowledge down to the children//
Y'all should just feel exalted right now//
And bad news'll make your heart drop//
Don't let em put you in that box until your heart stop//
Don't let em put you in that box until your last breath-//
Done spoke the last truth that you done witness as you pass death, yeah//
But let 'em say what they will//
They try to tell us what's attractive, I don't see the appeal//
They try to tell me I'm reactive when i say what I feel//
I guess they'll need to figure how they could deal, cuz I just feel stressed//